Starting my 29th year of teaching @ Howe School! Brayden Lane Oglesby is a freshman, & Jalei Delaine Oglesby is a junior! We're looking forward to a great year! #HPSLions

Last first day.
It's bittersweet but all good things eventually come to an end.

Fun First Day in Pre-k!! #HPSLions

1st day and another great one  2nd grade for Sylus and kindergarten for Norah. 3rd year at Howe for me 😊

First day at Howe!!! Brady Hardin II 9th grade year!! #HPSLions

Garrett, 11th grade

First day of school! #HPSLions 6th, 3rd, 5th.

Abigail Alexis Davidson.....last first day of high school! Micah Davidsonstarts 5th grade! #HPSLions #Senior2018

First day of 4th grade for Carter and 2nd grade for Jace #HPSlions

First day of 7th grade! 💕 Jadyn, 7th grade #HPSLions