Riley Bryan

April 18, 2020

Dear Howe Schools’ Community, 

It is with profound sadness that I write this letter to let you know about a recent loss to our school community. On April 17th, Riley Bryan, one of our 11th grade students, passed away unexpectedly. Our sincere condolences and thoughts go out to her family and friends. This loss is sure to raise many emotions, concerns, and questions for our entire school, especially our students.

I, like many of you have fond memories of Riley as I crossed paths in the hallways, worked with Riley on school projects and attended many events where she always had a sweet spirit and a friendly smile to offer.  This is a challenging time for all of us to do the things we would normally do to provide comfort and outreach due to the Covid-19 social distancing. Despite these obstacles, we are making efforts to have a crisis intervention team set up to respond by calling 918-658-3368. 

Our School’s Counselors, Margo Wright ( and Angela Duncan ( are available for any student who may need or want help or any type of assistance surrounding this loss. We encourage you, as parents, to also feel free to use our resources. 

Below you will find information that may be useful to you in helping your child at home during this difficult time. If you would like additional information or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our staff by calling the High School at 918-658-3368.

We also have some wonderful youth ministers that support our school, and two of them have volunteered to be available to any student or family needing assistance.  Rick Snyder 918-839-9850 and/or Paul Fletcher 918-721-3848.

We are saddened by the loss to our school community, and we will make every effort to help you and your child with any needs that may arise. 


Scott L. Parks