Howe Staff Fabricate Plexiglass Dividers

One of the many precautionary measures we are putting in place this school year to ensure the safety of our students and staff is the installation of plexiglass dividers and sneeze guards. Due to high cost and low availability of similar product, the maintenance and custodial staff have been hard at work fabricating dividers to place in various high-risk areas including the cafeteria and classrooms where directional seating is not an option.  The staff created these items utilizing 4  X 8 sheets of raw stock plexiglass purchased at Ron’s Discount Lumber.  The staff worked on a cost effective design using a table saw, hand sanding and sealants.

We would like to give a BIG LION ROAR to several of our maintenance and custodial staff for a job well done! Big thank you to David Wright, Sean Covey, Natasha Hale, and Samantha Bebe for all your hard work in creating these and placing them throughout our campus. #HPSLions #LionStrong #WeAreAllInThisTogether #OklaEd