Orange Level I: Updated Back To School Information

Dear Howe Parents;

Howe Public Schools is scheduled to start on Thursday, Aug 13th.  I know many of our families are still feeling anxious about the unknowns, and hopefully this communication will continue to support an understanding of our “return to learn” process.  As we prepare to begin the new school year, we are working to provide a safe learning environment for our students.  The information provided in this correspondence will provide several updates on how school will look in the first few days.  

We are utilizing the Oklahoma School Safety Protocols released by the Oklahoma State Department of Education to adjust our plan according to the recommended guidelines.  Based upon the linked guidance, and current day COVID-19 data, LeFlore County has elevated to Orange Level One classification.  This level requires updating our plan to return to school, and we have chosen for our Teachers and Staff to wear masks when in close proximity to others.  For Orange Level One designation, following OK SDE guidelines, we will now require students grades 6-12 to wear masks when social distancing is not an option.  We will now recommend that students in grades 5th and under wear a mask.

On Thursday, students in grades 6th-12th will be given at least one cloth mask and students in grades 5th down will receive a mask later this month as supplies become available.  Additionally, all students transported on a bus will be required to wear a mask. Based on the color coding system, this could change in the future if LeFlore Co.’s designation color level changes again.  Please be reminded that our efforts at this time are to maintain our school start date in a safe manner.  We will adjust these requirements back to recommendations if conditions improve.

The Administration, Teachers and Staff look forward to our continued relationship with your child(ren) and your family as we work together to provide the best possible learning path for all of our students.  The following information is an outline of Howe Public School’s Covid-19 Procedures for the return to school updated 08/11/2020:

Back To School Night: We would like to invite our new students and transitional grade-level students and their parents only to physically attend our open house night on campus scheduled for Tuesday, Aug 11 from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

  • Transition Grades are PK, Kdg ,2nd, and 6th. 9th grade students were invited to a Freshman Orientation earlier this month.

  • We are asking our parents to wear masks when in the bldgs, and limit students' family attending the event to parents/guardians only if possible.

  • Temperature checks will be done at all entries. If you have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Elem or HS offices! Mr. Dyer, Elem Principal at 918.658.3508 or Mr. Shoup, HS Principal at 918.658.3368.

Back To School Night: For all returning students in non-transitional grade levels, teachers in grades PK-8th will provide class information through a virtual meeting AND/OR a pre-recorded video (on demand) for each grade-level/class. Please look for emails from your teachers and monitor for welcome videos!  High School teachers will share information with students and families once class schedules are completed.

First Day of School Procedures: Parents may walk their child into the classroom on the first two days of school (Aug 13-14) if needed, but the parent must wear a mask. 

Drop-off Procedures: Starting on Monday, Aug 17, parents will not be admitted to the buildings/classroom and will be asked to follow the following drop off procedures for screening and entry to the classroom. Please note UPDATED information below:

  • 2nd-6th grade students should report to the North or South Cafeteria building entrance.

  • 7th-8th grade students should report to the North or South Middle School entrance.

  • Friday, Aug. 14 is the last day to adjust the desired learning path for your child(ren) for school re-entry.

  • PPE guidance will come from the OKSDE guidance.   Masks will be required for 6th - 12th grade students and recommended for grades 5th and under while we are at the elevated Orange Level One designation.  These requirements are subject to change based on the OKSDE and State Health Department guidelines linked above.

  • All classrooms will have access to a temperature wand. Every staff member and student will be issued at least one cloth mask (Grades 5 and under later in the month).  Certain teachers will also be given plastic face shields to be utilized to maintain the health of our staff and students.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at entrances and in every classroom.

  • Water bottle filling stations have been installed, and currently the water fountains will not be used for drinking. Students will need to supply their own water bottle.

Additionally, If anyone in the student’s home has travelled to a known hot spot within 14 days of school starting please notify the building Principal.  The building Principal will review the information shared to determine your individual requirements for returning to school.  Mr. Dyer, Elem Principal at 918.658.3508 or Mr. Shoup, HS Principal at 918.658.3368.

Feel free to visit and submit any questions you might have.  We are managing a Frequently Asked Questions page on our website that we encourage you to reference. Thank you!



Scott L. Parks


Howe Public Schools