Orange Level II: Updated School Information

Dear Howe Parents;

We were notified by officials earlier today that LeFlore County has elevated to Orange Level Two Classification.  Based upon the guidance from Oklahoma School Safety Protocols released by the Oklahoma State Department of Education, this level requires updating our plan in an effort to continue traditional learning. For Orange Level Two designation, following OK SDE guidelines, we will now require students grades 2nd-12th to wear masks when social distancing is not an option.  We will now strongly recommend that students in grades 1st and under also wear a mask.

Today, two cloth masks were sent home with students in grades Headstart (3 year-old) to 5th grade.  Just a reminder, all students transported on a bus will be required to wear a mask. Based on the color coding system, this could change in the future if LeFlore Co.’s designation color level changes again.  Please be reminded that our efforts at this time are to maintain our traditional school operations in a safe manner.  We will adjust these requirements back to recommendations if conditions improve.  Please review the Howe Public Schools’ Covid-19 Orange Level 2 protocol on pages 2-4. Additionally, If anyone in the student’s home has tested for Covid-19 or has symptoms as outlined on the daily protocol log, please stay home and contact your school office.  The building Principal will review the information shared to determine your individual requirements for returning to school.  Mr. Dyer, Elem Principal at 918.658.3508 or Mr. Shoup, HS Principal at 918.658.3368.

Feel free to visit and submit any questions you might have or contact Mr. Parks at 918.658.3666.  We are managing a Frequently Asked Questions page on our website that we encourage you to reference. Thank you!



Scott L. Parks Superintendent Howe Public Schools

Howe Public Schools Covid-19 Protocol

Orange Level 2


  • Masks are recommended for 3YO - 1st grade.

  • Masks will be required for 2nd - 12th grade.  With exemptions for students who are physically unable to wear them.  Exceptions are also allowed for the following times: when eating meals, nap time, recess, and while actively participating in P.E./Athletics.

  • All staff will be required to wear masks.  WIth exemptions for those who are physically unable to wear them.

  • Masks will be required at all sporting events or extracurricular activities (including spectators).  With an expectation for those on court or field during live participation/play.

Social Distancing

  • At extracurricular events individuals need to maintain 6ft social distancing. 

  • Staff will need to maintain 6ft social distance while on campus.

Bus Procedures 

  • Take each child’s temperature/hand disinfect before they are seated on the bus.

  • Ask each child if they have completed their screening.

  • All individuals riding/driving the bus will be required to wear a mask. 

(Any Transportation)

  • Do not seat a child who has a temperature of 100 degrees or greater.

    • If the parent is at the stop, inform the parent that their child (siblings will be included) has a temperature and will need to stay home.  Please ask the parent to contact the office.

    • Under no circumstances can we leave the child at the stop unattended.

    • If a parent is unavailable contact one of the following individuals to meet you at your stop.

      • Mr. Dyer         479-719-7757

      • Mr. Shoup      918-413-3368

      • Mr. Parks       918-721-3306

      • Mr. Cooper    918-647-6175

  • All bus drivers must maintain a seating chart (all transportation).  If we have a positive case the Health Department will request this for tracing purposes.

  • If possible, windows will need to be down on the bus.

Initial Campus Entry Procedures

  • Temp checks/disinfect hands to enter buildings (exception to students leaving the bus and going straight to South Cafeteria door (grades 2-6).)

  • Temp checks at each allowable entry point of our school buildings. (Elementary, Cafeteria, M.S., K&1st Building, H.S., Etc.).  Principals will provide building schedules for entry points and duties.

Food Service Procedures

Breakfast Schedule:

7:45 - 8:00 - 2nd -6th

8:05 - 8:20 - 7th - 8th

8:30 - 8:45 - 3YO/PK - 1st

8:50 - 9:05 - HS

Lunch Schedule:

11:00 - 11:20 3YO/PK

11:05 - 11:25 Kindergarten/First

11:25 - 11:45 Second Grade

11:45 - 12:15 HS

12:00 - 12:15 - Third

12:10 - 12:25 - Fourth

12:15 - 12:30 - Fifth

12:40 - 1:00 - MS

Recess/Break Procedures

  • Recess and breaks will be scheduled by Pods.  Schedules will be shared later with staff.

Daily Room/Cafe Disinfecting Procedures

  • Each room will be fogged at least 1 time a day.  The cafeteria will be fogged and cleaned between each lunch session.  High traffic contact points will be disinfected routinely throughout the school day.

Special Functions/Drill Procedures

  • Guests speakers and assemblies will be in a virtual format if at all possible.  If a virtual option is not available classes will attend the presentation in their Pod.

  • Drills will continue as normal unless physical distancing cannot be achieved.  In that case the drill may be modified to protect the safety of students and staff (exp. Tornado Drill).

Library Procedures

  • Class may still go to the library but only one Pod will be allowed in the library at one time.  Books and areas of use will need to be sanitized before they are re-used.

End of Day Procedures

  • We are asking that parents not enter the buildings.  Students will need to be picked up at designated areas.

    • 3YO - PreK - East Entrance of Cafeteria

    • Kindergarten - 1st - North Auditorium Entrance

    • 2nd - 5th - East Upper Entrance

    • MS - North Entrance MS / Upper Parking Lot

Visitors and Late Arrival and Early Pickup Procedures

  • All visitors and late arrivals must check in at the office for a temperature check and screening prior to entering any other building on campus.

Isolation Procedures 

  • If a child on campus screens with a positive temperature the staff member will immediately contact the school nurse and building principal.

Pod Procedures 

Pods are groups of students that will remain together for the majority of the school day with very little overlap with other pods.

(Possible Pods)

3YO, PK4, K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th&6th, 7th&8th, HS

Transitions During the School Day

  • Schedules will be provided to stagger the release of Pods to avoid overlap with other Pods. (examples: class transitions, restroom breaks, etc…)